Does coffee hurt?


To drink coffee or not to drink coffee- that is the question. Unfortunately there are people who say drink and then there are people who say don't drink. So, which one to listen to? The answer can be a earlier than you think.

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Welcome to Knox Fitness!Unlike any other fitness organization, we passionate about assisting you in achieving your long term fitness goals by tailoring our unique training styles to your fitness level. We offer many different types of services such as standard training sessions, buddy sessions, workout design, and menu planning, which all can be done in the comfort of your home. You'll always have a Knox Fitness professional to help guide you along the way so you can be confident that you will see and feel your results.


One of the greatest asset in life is health and maintaining optimal health can seem difficult at times. Knox Fitness takes the complex system and break it into components that link together.


We truly believe in functional training to the max! Our lives are three-dimensional, we pull, push, twist, lean, reach, and bend all day everyday. So, why should our workouts be any different? Whether you are a firefighter or teacher, we train you according to your lifestyle and goals. We maximize your body’s abilities each and every time so you can better handle your lifestyle.


Our lives are already full of stressful times throughout the day, working out should not be one of them. After all, we are here to help make your life better, not add to the stress of it. We train hard, but we smile while doing it! Not only will you like the workouts, you will start to look forward to them!


We all have bad habits that we formed over the years and we want to show you how you can change them into more healthier habits. We take the time to explain the why’s, what’s, and how’s about each workout. We don’t want to only get you to your goals, we want to empower you with knowledge for any future goals as well.





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